What to Look for in a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

With gas prices soring, many people are looking to purchase vehicles that are going to ease their pain at the pump. This can come in the form of hybrids, electric guitars, or just more fuel efficient vehicles that don’t guzzle gas like they are dying of thirst in a desert. Your budget is going to dictate what you can and can’t get, but here are the differences.

The term fuel efficient usually refers just to smaller compact cars. These cars are designed with lightweight parts, and optimized engines to push the distance of their fuel efficiency ratings. So you’ll want to look into the how many miles per gallon the car gets.

A popular term you’ve heard is hybrid. These cars use both petroleum, and hydrogen gas for their chemical reactions. These are the most popular fuel efficient cars on the market, because they get on average twice as many millage out of their gas, with the same amount of power as most cars.

Lastly, the electric car. This one uses no gas, and runs off electric batteries. They are very expensive, and offer the weakest engines, but they also are the most CO2 friendly, with hybrids coming in second.

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