Saving on Energy

Looking at is a great way to find out more about the best energy rates in your area but do you know what to do if you’ve already signed a contract and you’re trying to save money on your monthly energy costs? Here are a few ideas from our readers:
Start to conserve: It’s good for the environment and for your wallet – do what you can to conserve energy at home to cut your bill. Things like unplugging electronics and turning off extraneous lights go a long way in cutting your bills.
Get Energy Efficient Appliances: If you’re due for an upgrade now’s as good a time as any to invest in energy efficient products. They may cost more upfront but they can really save you in energy costs over the course of time.
Talk to your Provider: If you think your rates are too high, talk to your current energy provider about what you can do. Payment plans and set rates are some great options and at least you’ll be on record as having issues with the company’s payment policies.

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